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[INTERVIEW/NEWS] 111011 - ‘Finally 1st Place on Public Broadcast’ Infinite, “There’s no limit for us”

They have finally reached the top on a public broadcast music program. Although they won 1st for 2 straight weeks on the cable program, Mnet ‘M! Countdown!’ with the title song, ‘Be Mine’, from their first official album, ‘Over the Top’, they were only content with being candidates for 1st place on publicly broadcasted music programs. However, 2 weeks after releasing their new album, they’ve captured even public broadcast programs and have been picked as the main role in this music industry sensation. 

On the October 9th episode of SBS ‘Inkigayo’, Infinite were the winners of the Mutizen song, which is 1st place, with the title song, ‘Paradise’, off their first official album’s repackage album. 

"We were so happy that tears started forming. We also thought about the rough times we’ve had."

Although it hasn’t been long since they cried on M! Countdown after winning 1st place, it seems like they were touched again after winning 1st on a public broadcast. It’s no wonder why they’re like this because cable channels are mainly targeted towards manias while public broadcast programs may have a target audience, but are mainly towards the majority of the public. They’ve become certain that the variety in their fandom has increased.

This happened exactly 1 year and 4 months after they set off into the music industry last year with their debut mini album, ‘First Invasion’, on June 9th. During these 2 or so years, male idol groups haven’t been able to be secure a position in the Korean music industry like they used to. The 7 members of Infinite have been acting like one and showed perfect dances, securing mania fans with their ‘angled choreography’. Although they attracted attention after revealing ‘BTD’ in January and showing the scorpion dance, their overall popularity was low.

To this,the Infinite members blamed themselves and said, “We were lacking. Even though they say luck is needed in order to reach the top, our skills were lacking as well.” However, they showed proud feelings by adding, “But we feel we’ve grown a lot while continuously doing promotions.”

Although they’ve gone through troubles, Infinite has run here without any time to think that they were tired. While there are many groups who promote after revealing 1 digital single, Infinite have been promoting with ‘albums’ since their debut, with 6 songs on mini albums and 3 songs on single albums. And they filled the first official album completely with new songs. Infinite has repeated the process of not resting, working on songs, practicing, and standing in front of the public.

They have also continuously given new colors to their music. While they enunciated the fierce and tough men image through ‘Be Mine’, ‘Paradise’ is strong in its lyrical melody and has a dance that enunciates the sexy charms of the members. Even though their angled choreography still remains, they added in 30% of freestyle dancing in the middle for each of the members. There’s also a frightening feeling you get from ‘Paradise’, as the story’s about a man who can’t forget a woman even if he dies and will continue to watch her.

After revealing their repackage on September 26th, they started promotions and their goal is to get more love than they did during ‘Be Mine’ promotions. And because Infinite has a major debut ahead of them in the middle of November for Japan, they want to make this promotion leave that much more of an impact. A good amount of Infinite’s goal was covered after they won the Mutizen song in 2 weeks.

However, Infinite doesn’t plan on stopping.

"Where could the limit be for music. Since the genres are infinite, we need to continuously show new upgraded sides to ourselves. If we don’t overcome these things ourselves, we feel there’s no improvement. Infinite’s rival is Infinite.”

trans. cr; hyejin @ infinite updates | source cr; spn ; take out with full credits 

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