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[CAFE] 130108 - Dongwoo’s cafe post: “Yes~ 2013 is bright!~.~”

Hello!~ It’s Dongwoo, the second one in charge of everything in Infinite and Infinite H’s first one in charge of the languor~.~
First, happy new year! Ah! Everyone~ For the new year’s first day, Infinite and Inspirits were together in my head
I immediately thought that this year was going to be exceptional again! A man’s intuition is right to a certain extent, believe it~
I..I leave posts rarely, since it seemed like I couldn’t write any and I forgot to do it, I came back quickly!.. It seems that my phrasing is still very awkward ㅠㅠ…
I’m not the kind to use SNS a lot either (or am I..?) Heuheu anyway!?
Since we’re in 2013! I will do my best to reverse the trend on our official fancafe~
And we have very good news for January right!? The much-troubled and scandalous arrival of INFINITE H!
Let’s all enjoy it as much as we waited for it, we came to show you a stage with a sharp choreography that has a breathtaking charisma so
While listening and enjoying H’s songs, we will give you a feeling as comfortable as your daily life and a liberating feeling!
Music is quite an amazing thing, it’s like wings, following the way you wear them, you fly differently!
But I digress..
So! I will say what I always say and go back!!! Something good is good~ L&P!!! What could it be~ ㅋㅋㅋ
For the people who don’t know, I will let you be curious until my next post~~~
Lastly, don’t forget to be careful not to catch a cold and make your plans well! Let’s make it a year where the process is important! R=VD
See you next time~.~ heuheu

trans. cr; emilie @ infinite updates | source cr; infinite’s fancafe ; take out with full credits

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