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[STARCAST] 130817 - “INFINITE’s tour note - (1) Sunggyu’s Seoul concerts review”


Hello! This is INFINITE’s leader Sunggyu.

It has already been one week ever since INFINITE’s first world tour has started ^^ We’re having a concert in Hong Kong tomorrow.

From now on each member is going to release his own INFINITE tour note one after the other through Naver’s Entertainment Star Cast.

I, Sunggyu, am starting the relay with the Seoul concerts.

Since it was our first concert in a while, I’m still nervous as I write my review ^^

Even though it’s short, I’ll do my best to show you the beginning of One Great Step freshly.


#Waiting room, 20 minutes before the concert



It’s INFINITE’s waiting room 20 minutes before the concert. When you think of INFINITE, the first thing that comes on your mind is that we’re probably noisy, right? Yes ! It’s true. We’re incredibly! Noisy and each of the 7 members has his own way to relax so when we’re in the waiting room, our staff members always need to shout for us to hear them~

Now that I think of it, since this concert was the first concert of our world tour, the members were even more nervous.

These guys…..

# World Tour opening + Intro + DESTINY



Finally! The short but great! Step has started! Woah~ Even when you look at it through a picture it’s cool !

We INFINITE always care about our first appearance in concerts.

And after this we have our new album’s title track ‘Destiny’ !

To be honest I was so out of my mind after seeing the venue packed like this that I don’t even know if I sang well.




The songs that followed right away are our masterpieces TIC TOC and PARADISE. To be honest it’s true that while organizing the cue sheet for the concert, I thought “We should go wild from start !”… But while singing PARADISE I had a hard time breathing ㅜㅜ

Still, just looking at the pictures I think it was really cool. 

As expected, you have to remove [some clothes] during PARADISE for it to be right! ^^

# Wings + INCEPTION + Can U Smile + Going To You


Honestly, the concept of this concert was to personally go to the audience far away to be with them instead of using any sort of equipment.

Just the thought of running on the thrust stage to see all our fans during our song ‘Wings’ made me really excited.

Even though everytime we hold concerts we’re learning more and more and our skills are improving

I can feel that our fans are having more and more fun everytime. We~~ play well~!

# That Summer + I Like You



We’re back together after each member completed his solo stage~! We performed ‘That Summer’ that matches with the summer holidays so well.

Looking at the faces of everyone singing with us while smiling like they were on break felt like I was healing~

And during I Like You the members threw paper airplaines that they personally signed before hand

But to all the people who couldn’t get one don’t be sad~ Next time we’ll have even more planes~!

# Still I Miss You + Mom



It was the only ballad stage in the concert. We especially prepared a video with pictures of the members’ childhoods during ‘Mom’…

All our fans said they smiled like mothers at that moment! I saw everything^^

Don’t confess your feelings to your parents late like in the song but tell them you love them now~

Mom, Dad~ I love you^^

# Come Back Again + WITH



After all the stages we had an encore performance

Our fans usually shout ‘Come Back Again’ like our debut track once all our performances are over but this time we did really sing ‘Come Back Again’

Just like Dongwoo said, they told us to come back so we couldn’t not come out again !




The first concert of the ‘One Great Step’ world tour is now finally over.

I find it touching even just by looking at the pictures. I was really moved by the present given to us by all the fans who came.

When the 15,000 people in the audience lifted their ‘We’ll wait for you INFINITE’ signes, Dongwoo and Sungyeol immediately broke into tears ^^

Through this review I am thanking you again, thank you for gifting us with these memories we’ll never forget.

We’ll keep this in our hearts, complete the 30 other concert dates safely and come back after becoming an even better INFINITE.


2013.80.10 A day on which unforgettable memories have been made From Kim Sung Gyu


Thank you to everyone who came to the concert today~^^

The world tour is starting in Korea~

From now on I’m asking for your support~

It’s because you are here that INFINITE is here !!

- It’s Sunggyu - 

trans. cr; saphira @ infinite updates | source cr; Naver ; take out with full credits

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