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[NEWS] 110718 - Infinite, With the Release of ‘Be Mine’ Coming Up, A Printing Problem Occurs! Discarded 30,000 CDs! Problem Arises in the Release Date

With the release of their first official album in front of them, 7 membered male idol group, Infinite, found a mistake in the printing of the CDs, causing people around them to feel sympathy.

Infinite, who has their first official album to be released on the 21st, found a printing problem in the CDs, causing them to make a decision of throwing away 30,000 copies for the first time ever. This problem is causing a problem in the production plan.

Infinite, who is rising up as the ‘next generation Hallyu stars’, is in the middle of gaining interest from fans all over Asia because of their first official album which is being released after a year since their debut. However, fans are being concerned and worried that this accident will cause damages to the release of the album. 

Infinite’s entertainment revealed, “We decided to discard everything for the perfection of the albums because Infinite’s first official album is full of our hearts and souls.” And added, "Although we’re trying our hardest to make sure there are no setbacks to the album release date, the situation isn’t clear as of now. However, we’re trying our best to reveal it on the release day.”

Netizens who heard of the news gave explosive reactions like, “I’m just waiting for the day that the album comes out so I hope everything turns out okay”, “Oppas, be strong! I’ll support you!”, “We’ll wait till the end”, “I’ll buy it as soon as it comes it.”

Through Infinite’s teaser video of their first official album’s title song, ‘Be Mine’, which was revealed on the 16th through Youtube, you can see their widened spectrums musically and with their looks as well. As their teaser was released, it completely swept 1st place on portal sites’ real-time search engines, confirming them to be the ‘trend’.

Meanwhile, Infinite plans to start their promotions in Korea and other countries after having their showcase in Japan on the 17th and 19th.

trans. cr; hyejin @ infinite updates + source cr; murisu ; take out with full credits ♥

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    It’s good to know that they’re keen on making it perfect though, even if the release gets delayed at least they’ll be...
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    OMG! hope everything is FINE. we will support WOOLLIM & INFINITE. Discard 30000 albums considered quite a big loss…
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