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140831 - Twitter - Sunggyu & Dongwoo

Sunggyu :

이제 일본 일정이 모두 끝났어요 여러분 뱀파이어뮤지컬 보러와주신 관객분들 에이네이션 공연 보러와주신분들 다들 너무 감사드립니다요 오늘 무엇보다 오랜만에 멤버들만나서 너무좋아요ㅜㅜ

We’ve now completed all our schedules in Japan. To all the people who came to watch the Vampire musical and the A-Nation concert, thank you very much. And most importantly, I’m really happy to be with the members for the first time in a long while ㅜㅜ

머리가.. 동우?야?

The hair.. Is this Dongwoo??

Dongwoo (in reply to Sunggyu’s first tweet) :

@kyuzizi 형아 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 고생했어영 ~ ~ 캬컄ㅋ

Hyung-ah ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ You’ve worked hard~~ kyakyaㅋ

Dongwoo (in reply to Sunggyu’s second tweet) :

@kyuzizi 아 ? 왜 이제 봤지 이걸… 형솔직히 이친구보단 내입술이 더 두껍다 얘전엔 강아지 삼총사가 나오드니 이번엔… 짐승답구만 캬컄ㅋ

Ah? Why am I only seeing this now… Hyung, honestly my lips are thicker than this friend’s, in the past [my?] puppy had three babies but this time… they all look like beasts kyakyaㅋ

Sunggyu :

@inspiritddww ?

trans. cr; saphira @ infinite updates ; take out with full credits

140812 - Twitter - Dongwoo & Sunggyu

Dongwoo :

저기 그게.. 멤버들이랑 얘기한결과 무한봉 무광(무한대로 빛광) 인봉(인피니트 봉) 7봉 뭔가 많이 나왔습니다만 현재 인피니트안에서 높은 관심을 가지고 있는것은 인봉으로 나타났습니다 이거 투표도 할 수 없고 음… 어찌해야 하오

Hey hm… the names that came up the most when I was talking with the members are Muhanbong (T/N : Muhan means infinite, bong means stick), Mugwang (short for Infinite light stick), Inbong (short for Infinite bong) 7Bong but right now, among Infinite, Inbong is the one that has garnered the most interest. We can’t even vote for this hm… what to do

Sunggyu :

따봉 꼬봉 ㅈㅅ

Ddabong, Kkobong sorry (T/N : Ddabong means good/thumbs up, Kkobong means someone below you when you look it up but it could also have another meaning)

Dongwoo :

아형님 제발 투표좀 하라고 해주세여 제발 제발 제발 ~ 현재 여봉3 럽봉1

Ah hyungnim please tell [the members] to vote please please please~ Right now it’s Yeobong 3 Lovebong 1

trans. cr; saphira @ infinite updates ; take out with full credits

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140810 - Twitter - Dongwoo

냐냐 지금 멤버들과 얘기중인데 약속한 인피니트 야광봉이름 !!! 뭐가 좋을까요 !?!? 인스피릿 멤버들 의견을 내주세요 ~.~ 다들 심장보다 약간 높게 다리올리고 쉬기 ~~ 캬캬캬

Nyanya, just as promised I’m currently talking about INFINITE’s lightstick’s name !!! What should we name it !?!? Inspirit members, please give me ideas ~.~ Everyone, raise your legs a bit higher than your heart and rest~~ Kyakyakya

trans. cr; saphira @ infiniteupdates ; take out with full credits

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140801 - Twitter - Sunggyu, Dongwoo, Woohyun & Sungjong


무슨일있어요 ㅜㅜ 일등햤음 ㅜㅜㅜ 인스피릿 친구들 고마워요

Something happened ㅜㅜ Got first place ㅜㅜㅜ Inspirit friends thank you


과일먹구 깨플 이후로 오랜만인 비닐보다리 칵테일 마시구 너무 든든했는데 ! 이렇게 1위까지 안겨주시다니 인스피릿 멤버들 고생했어요! 또 감사드립니다!’♤’ 첫1위도 빨간 의상이였는데..만감이 교차하네요~.~ㅠ

Ate fruit♡After Sesame Player I drank vinyl packaged cocktail and was very strong ! Even getting to hold onto first place Inspirit and members we really worked hard! Thank you again!’♤’ Our first first place we were wearing red outfits too..all these emotions are crossing over~.~ㅠ


인스피릿 너무 고마워요♡_♡최고!!!

Inspirit thank you so much♡_♡the best!!!



I love youㅜㅡㅜㅜㅜㅡㅜㅠㅡㅜㅡㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ

trans. cr; jihye @ infiniteupdates ; take out with full credits

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140724 - Twitter - Dongwoo

오늘 하루종일 비가오고 날씨도 마음도 흐릿하지만~.~ back을 들으면서 미묘한 감정을 잘 다스렸으리라 믿어요! 흐흐 이제 저녁시간인데 얼른 밥먹구! 몸따땃하게 데파주이소~ 잠자기전에 찾아갈게 다이아몬드처럼~~

Even though it’s been raining all the day and the weather and my mood is gloomy~.~ I believe that these subtle feelings will be well controlled while listening to back! Heuheu now that it’s dinner time hurry and eat! Please stay warm~ Before you sleep I’ll go find you like a diamond~~

trans. cr; jihye @ infiniteupdates ; take out with full credits

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140719 - Twitter - Dongwoo

안녕하세요 인스피릿 멤버들 캬캬ㅑㅋ 역시 이재미가 있댜 캬컄 대화의 장 ~.~제가… sns자체도 좀 어려워하는데여 저능 트위터 이것만 합니다~.~ 인스타그램은 누굴까요~

Hello Inspirits members kyakyayaㅋ Definitely this is fun kya kyak area of conversation ~.~I… have a hard time with sns in general I only use Twitter~.~ Who is Instagram~

trans. cr; jihye @ infiniteupdates ; take out with full credits

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140717 - Twitter - Dongwoo is back on Twitter !

Dongwoo’s new Twitter account is : @inspiritddww

정말 미안해요 ㅠ 너무 오랜만에 계정을 만들어서… 나름 메일 등록하고 했는데 이제야 되었네요!~.~ 이제 대화의 장을 열어봅시다 냐하 흐흐 힘내라는 여러분모습이 유난히 더 귀여워 보이는 오늘입니다 캬캬 왜 더 귀엽지!?!?

I’m really sorryㅠ I’ve taken so much time to create a new account… I did register with my email address but it only started working now! ~.~ Let’s open a place for discussion now nyaha heuheu All of you telling me to be strong somehow look cuter today kyakya Why are you all so cute!?!?

냐냐 열심히 다녀오리다 동우는!!

Nyanya Dongwoo will be back after working hard !!

trans. cr; saphira @ infiniteupdates ; take out with full credits

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140313 - Google+ - Dongwoo

앜 오늘 우리 인스피릿 굉장히 바빠보여요 ~.~ 기분은 좋댜 으흐흐 이제 우리 곧 보게될텐데 다들 건강챙기고 있어요~?

Ack today our Inspirits look very busy ~.~ I feel good euheuheu now we’re going to see each other very soon is everyone taking care of their health~?

trans. cr; jihye @ infiniteupdates ; take out with full credits

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140131 - Google+ - Dongwoo

맛있는 음식 드셨나요 ~.~! 흐흐 집으로갈때는 잔잔한 음악으로 편안하게 오시기를! 새해복 많이 받으세요!

Did everyone eat delicious food ~.~! heuheu When going home listen to calm music and go home comfortably! Happy new year!

trans. cr; jihye @ infiniteupdates ; take out with full credits

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140126 - Google + - Dongwoo

완전 기분좋은 날씨 ~.~ 열심히 달려왔을테죠 인스피릿~~~ 으흐흐흐 휴식을 취하면서 다시 뛸 준비! 일도 좋지만 멈추는것도 힘입니다 하하

It’s a weather that puts me in a great mood ~.~ Inspirit, you probably did your best running, right~~~ Euheuheu I’m gettng ready to run again after enjoying my rest ! Working is nice but stopping also gives me strength haha

trans. cr; saphira @ infinite updates ; take out with full credits

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140109 - Google + - Dongwoo

오늘 체감온도도 굉장하옵니다 다들 장갑 목도리 마스크 안경 모자 잘챙기셧지요!?~.~ 감기는 노 흐흐 기분좋은 하루~! 눈이 부시게

Today it is really cold everyone prepared their gloves, scarf, mask, glasses, and hats, right!?~.~ No to colds heuheu a great day~! A bright day

trans. cr; jihye @ infiniteupdates ; take out with full credits

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131230 - Google + - Dongwoo

우와~.~ 복잡 미묘 감정~ 모두들 싱숭생숭숭숭하시지요.흐흐 저는 좋은데…좋은게 좋은거니까욬
인스피릿~ you are my destiny~
우리만 바라본채 ~ 미친듯 달려온
그녀를 지켜라~내맘이 그렇지 ~
매일밤 너로 채워왔던 나~ 네가 날알잖아~ 엉? 생각하다보니까 함께한 시간이 빠르게 지나온것같아서…사진 완전 잘보이졍 어우~ 그럼 다시 연습 ~ 빠빠

Woah~.~ Complicated delicate feelings~ Everyone, you all feel restless, don’t you. Hoho well I’m fine…Because being fine is a good thing
Inspirit~ You are my destiny~
You who only looked at us~ And ran with us crazily
Protect her~ That’s how I feel~
I, who always filled up my nights with you~ You know me right~ oh?
(T/N : These three lines were all lyrics from INFINITE songs)
Now that I think of it, I feel like the time we’ve spent together is going by really fast…  You can see my pictures well, right ow~ Then I’m going back to practicing~ Bye bye

trans. cr; saphira @ infinite updates ; take out with full credits

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131212 - Google + - Dongwoo

모두들 바쁘실까요!? 한숨정도 쉬기~.~! 시간은 어찌 이리 빠른지요 곧 마이크들고 무대올라갈것만같은데…묘한 감정들과 즐거움 기쁨 느끼게해준 인스피릿 감사드립니다.잠시 뛰기위해 뭉칩시단! 기분좋게 ㅈ..저.점프! 흐흐 자 비상!

Are you all busy?! I’m resting for a bit ~.~! How come time is so quick it feels like I’ll have to go up on stage with my mic soon…  Thank you Inspirits for making me feels all kind of emotions, joy and happiness. Let’s come together to jump ! Happily, let’s j…ju.jump! Heuheu okay now it’s time to soar !

trans. cr; saphira @ infiniteupdates ; take out with full credits

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131122 - Google + - Dongwoo

시간이 지나 더 큰사랑을 주셔서 감사합니다. 거리가 멀어도 상관없이 상상도 못할 정도로 너무나 큰 이벤트로 놀라움과 기쁨을 주시고, 추억들을 다시 안겨 주셔서 기뻐요 ㅠㅠ
언제나 표현해주시고 많은 인스피릿님들이 함께 해주셔서 오늘이 제인생에서 최고 절정의 날입니당 앞으로 화이팅 !!! 이따가 또봐요~.~바쁜하루가 좋아요흐흐

Thank you for giving me even more love as time goes by. You don’t even mind the fact I have a long way to go and through huge events I couldn’t even imagine, you surprise and make me happy, I’m so glad I got to make memories again ㅠㅠ Thanks to the many Inspirits who’re together with me, today is the best peak of my life, from now on fighting !!! See you again later ~.~ I like busy days heuheu

trans. cr; saphira @ infinite updates ; take out with full credits

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131113 - Google + - Dongwoo

아하하하 곧 우리의 무대군요오오 여러분들도 의미있는 하루를 만드시길! 흐흐
화내도 하루 웃어도 하루
주어진 시간은 똑같은 하루
과거가 지금을 만들지만 지금도 금방 과거
하루를 바꿀수있는건 바로
당신~.~ 저도 초큼 도와드릴게요!화이팅!! 으컁컁
우린 행복항 나날을 보내고있응니까여이

Ahahaha our concert is starting soooon, everyone I hope you have a meaningful day ! Heuheu

Even if you’re angry it’s a day, even if you smile it’s a day

Same goes with the time you’re given, it’s a day

Even though you create your past now, right now becomes the past right away

You are the one who can change your day ~.~

I will help you a little bit too! Fighting !! Eukyangkyang

Because we’re spending happy days

trans. cr; saphira @ infiniteupdates ; take out with full credits

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