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140313 - Twitter - Myungsoo’s birthday ♥

Woohyun : 

길비서 생일 캬캬캬

[It’s] Secretary Gil’s birthday kyakyakya

Sungyeol :

명수야생일축하해 생일선물은 너가좋아하는거 1기가줄께♡ 많이봐라^^

Myungsoo-yah happy birthday, as a present I’ll give you one giga[byte] of that thing you like♡ Watch it a lot^^

Sungjong :

명수형 생일진심으로 축하해요♡♡♡ 태어나줘서 감사합니다^-^

Myungsoo hyung, I sincerely wish you a happy birthday♡♡♡ Thank you for being born ^-^

Hoya :

명수야 생일축하해! 생일선물로 고데기 괜찮지? 고데기로 너의 곱슬을 쫙쫙 펴주듯 너의 앞길도 쫙쫙 펴지길…^-^

Myungsoo-yah happy birthday ! It’s fine if I get you a hair straightener for your birthday, right? You’ll be able to straighten your hair with it, and I hope your future will be just as straight…^-^

Sunggyu :

명수야 생일축하해 너도 한살 더 먹었다

Myungsoo-yah, happy birthday, you got a year older too

trans. cr; saphira @ infinite updates ; take out with full credits

TN : Just like Woohyun’s birthday post last month, this one will be updated when more members tweet ^^

[MISC] 140121 - [Canon with STAR] Stars’ stories with Canon Powershot! with INFINITE’s L

Canon with STAR!
Who will be the third star featuring the Canon camera Powershot G16?
Dugeun dugeun (T/N: Heartbeats) - Look forward to it, a hot idol star is going to appear.
It’s INFINITE’s L who is known to always use Canon cameras and like photography!
Let’s see the pictures of L with the Powershot G16~

Last year-end, INFINITE was kept busy with a lot of different schedules.
And so were they that day again, we found them in the broadcasting station to get ready for the Gayo ceremonies awards~
Right there, we could see that ‘INFINITE’s L’ was holding in his hands the Powershot G16 with a happy face.


The Canon Powershot G16 steady in L’s hand!
Since it was with INFINITE’s L….
Powershot G16’s heart must’ve gotten so warm it forgot how cold it was~


As expected from a person who often uses a camera, he doesn’t look odd with a camera in his hands! He looks like a Canon user, right? ^^
L likes photography so much he released a photobook and even held a photo exhibition in Japan~
Since the Powershot G16 is with him, it looks like it’s glowing with a good grip.


The Powershot G16 who spent a nice time with L…
We’re curious about what they did together but we’re even more jealous about it ^_^
While hoping that we will someday see some pictures with the Powershot G16 in L’s photobook and even beautiful pictures he took using the Powershot G16,
We’re ending this episode of Canon with STAR ‘INFINITE’s L’.

trans. cr; emilie @ infinite updates | source cr; canon blog ; take out with full credits

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[NEWS] 140120 - “INFINITE’s L is joining ‘Cunning Single Lady’, cast as Joo Sangwook’s personal secretary”


INFINITE’s L is joining the cast of ‘Cunning Single Lady’.

Today (the 20th), his company revealed : “L is confirmed to be a part of the cast of MBC’s new Wed/Thu drama <Cunning Single Lady>” and added that “He has already participated in the script reading”.

'Cunning Single Lady', starring Lee Minjung and Joo Sangwook is about an ex-husband and his ex-wife meeting again and it'll make the viewers' eyes open on serious love, serious actors and serious marriage.

L wil play the role of Cha Jungwoo’s (played by Joo Sangwook) secretary. Starting from being a part-time employee in a PC cafe, he will become the loyal personal secretary of the CEO of one of the country’s leading business, Cha Jungwoo, whom he will help when he get through tough times and have heart-to-heart talks with.

After acting in SBS’ <The Master’s Sun> last year as the young version of So Jisub, L received praises from the viewers.

Meanwhile, following <Miss Korea> on MBC, <Cunning Single Lady> will first broadcast in February.

trans. cr; saphira @ infinite updates | source cr; Union Press ; take out with full credits

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131113 - Twitter - L

공연전 Washington D.C

Before the concert Washington D.C

trans. cr; jihye @ infiniteupdates ; take out with full credits

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131107 - Twitter - Tahara Akio

INFINITEのエルくんのインタビュー動画配信情報が今日になって凄い拡散している!?情報が伝わりづらかったのかな?エルくん、まじめに真摯に答えてくれたとてもいいインタビューです。ぜひご覧ください → 

Infinite’s L’s interview clip has been released quickly today!? Was the information spread well to everyone? It’s a really good interview with L’s serious responses. Please watch it → 

trans. cr; hyerin @ infinite updates ; take out with full credits

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131106 - Twitter - Ninagawa Mika


Yesterday, I took photos of L (Infinite) for a magazine! Ah, it was really wonderful. The shoot this time was taken during a secret visit to Japan. The magazine, AJ will be released on 28/11 and it’ll be the cover.

trans. cr; hyerin @ infinite updates ; take out with full credits

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[INTERVIEW] November 2013 Edition of Céci Magazine

Céci : Aren’t most books’ concepts and releases decided according to the moment they come out. The fact your first book that came out in spring is winter-themed and that the one that got released in fall is spring-themed is funny.
L : Isn’t the fact [my books] are released in an unbalanced way like this cool? (Laughs) Even though it wasn’t planned at first, I personally like this a lot. So far I released two books during the spring and fall seasons that both had a theme, so I think it’d be fun if I created a four-season feeling by adding summer and winter and releasing books at these times.

Céci : You released your second book four months after the first one. What’s the difference between both?
L : If the first book was about showing not L but Kim Myungsoo, the second one’s subject is ‘acquaintances’. I wanted to look back to the things we usually ignore so that’s why I put pictures of people who accompany me. Compared to when I was working on the first book,
I took part in way more areas this time around so I can even say there’s no part I haven’t touched in this one. I think everyone is going to feel like this book is more upgraded than the first one.

Céci : I saw an interview in which you said you like romance comics. Do you still enjoy them now?
L : Until recently, I was reading <Reaching you>. When it comes to movies, I enjoy melo movies like <Classic> or <Notebook>, I really like the kind of calm sensitivity that comes out of such movies because I’m a person who believes in the theory that human nature is fundamentally good. (Laughs)

Céci : I’m curious about L’s private life. What do you do when you don’t have any schedule?
L : We’re currently on a world tour so it’s ben about a week since I’ve last been home. Most of the time when I’m home, I organize the pictures I’ve taken or I just sleep. I also sometimes go out to take pictures when I’m free.

Céci : Who do you go take pictures with?
L : I go alone. (Ceci : Don’t people recognize you?) Sometimes there are few people who stare at me but I don’t think anyone has ever realized it was me. Because aside from my fans, most people don’t know taking pictures is my hobby. And since I’m so focused on taking pictures, I doubt people would suspect me and ask themselves “Could it be a celebrity?”. Ah. And also if I go with my manager I think people may find it weird to see two men tag along together like that. (Laughs)

Céci : I heard you own different types of cameras, which one do you use the most?
L : I usually use a compact or mirrorless camera. I carry a camera in my bag to take pictures everuday so since DSLR cameras are heavy, it’s uncomfortable to go around carrying one. When I go out especially to take pictures though… (Carefully) Is it okay if I name the brand? (Ceci : Of course.) I use the Canon Mark-III. (Ceci : You may get offers to become this brand’s model like this.). I hope so. I am confident I’ll do well. (Laughs)

Céci : What kind of pictures do you usually take?
L : Because I can’t take pictures as well as expert photographers yet, it’s hard to say the kind of pictures I take. I take pictures of landscapes or people just how I see them, without hiding anything.

Céci : I’m curious to know what the camera means to L.
L : At first it was a thing I absolutely wanted to own, I purchased one as first as I got my first pay. Now, it’s a presence that accompanies me in my everyday life. I take pictures and write on my diary everyday, leaving a trace of everything for the record. Through the camera, I get to know the world I thought I knew a lot more and more deeply. We filmed the music video for <White Confession> in a neighborhood of Tokyo called Kichijoji. I didn’t know how wonderful of a place it was when we were filming but I found out about it when I went to took pictures there alone.

Céci : Seeing how you came up with your own book by writing your text and taking pictures by yourself, you seem like an editor. If you ever become an editor, what kind of articles do you want to publish?
L : A fashion pictorial ! With me as the photographer. The models would of course be the INFINITE members. Since we’re in the same team, isn’t it easy to work together? I can even call them whenever I need them. (Laughs). And since I know each member’s specialities better than anyone, I am the person who can take pictures of them the best.

Céci : There are lots of pictures of the members in your book, how do the members react when you hold a camera in front of them? I’m curious
L : Before releasing my [first] book, they were all annoyed by this. Their reaction was like “What’s wrong with him?”. Ah. Except for Sungjong. Since Sungjong is the maknae, he’s always nice. (Laughs). All the members who were annoyed because I was taking pictures of them everyday kept on telling me to do this later. But after my book came out, they started becoming aware of the camera considering the fact [the pictures I take] can end up in one of my books.

Céci : Is there a member who especially cares about the camera?
L : Of course there’s one. Sungyeol ! Even when he’s not doing anything special, if he sees the camera (Makes V signs with his two hands next to his eyes). He pretends to be cute like this.

Céci : If you had to pick one, who would be the most photogenic member?
L : Sungjong. It might be because he’s the youngst after all but his skin is really nice whether he’s wearing makeup or not.

Céci : At the beginning of the year, Dongwoo and Hoya teamed up and promoted as the unit INFINITE-H. Do you have any plans to do other promotions in the musical field aside from acting or taking pictures?
L : I don’t have any special plan to do so. [However] I like acoustic music and singing while playing the guitar. I also have a few self-composed songs I’ve already completed.

Céci : Is there a foreign singer you want to work with.
L : The Filipino acoustic duo M.Y.M.P. However collaborating with another artist would mean I said “INFINITE’s L is good at singing this kind of songs” to other people. Aren’t there a lot of people who don’t know the kind of songs I sing? That’s why I’m still careful when I talk about things like this.

Céci : I’m curious about your life in the dorm. Who’s your roommate?
L : Sunggyu hyung and Sungjong. At first we were four with our manager hyung. But he left the room without telling us anything. Did he get tired of us? (Laughs)

Céci : Who’s the best roommate among all the ones you’ve had so far?
L : Sungjong ! Since he’s the maknae he does everything I tell him to do

Céci : How do you think you would be if you were the maknae?
L : I can’t even imagine this. I would never be able to be like Sungjong. He does everything the hyungs tell him to do without saying anything. He even accepts mischevious jokes while smiling. I wonder how he manages to do this and I find him amazing.

Céci : What if you had to reveal one of your dorm’s secret?
L : Since we’re seven guys living together as soon as you get in our dorm you can see it’s terribly messy.

Céci : Who is the person who messes up the dorm the most?
L : All the members. Members whose houses are in other regions put their clothes for the different seasons in piles so it takes up a lot of space and it’s hard to organize them. Using this chance, there’s something I want to tell our CEO so can I? CEO, please make us move to a bigger house !

Céci : You currently are in the midst of your first world tour. What’s the place you’re looking forward to the most?
L : Paris. I’ve never been there before. I want to attend a fashion show there and take pictures in a bunch of different Parisian alleys. Wouldn’t it be meaningful to take pictures of the things that symbolize this country, like the Eiffel Tower, during the world tour?

Céci : Singer ‘L’, actor ‘Kim Myungsoo’, photographer ‘Kim Myungsoo L’, evaluate each of them.
L : If I had to compare them to colors, I’d say ‘L’ is black. The actor ‘Kim Myungsoo’ is white. And ‘Kim Myungsoo L’ is gray. I’m trying to show different things through the singer L and actor Kim Myungsoo. Just how you get gray by mixing black and white that are totally different from each other, I think I can naturally connect the act of taking pictures even though it’s nothing similar to L the singer and Kim Myungsoo the actor.

Céci : You’re only going to be 22 for two more months. If you had to be greedy and choose two things you want to happen before the year ends what would they be?
L : I want to let a lot of people know about my existence. And I want to be considered as a person who has the capacity to impove. If I remain stagnant, I feel like my fans and even I will get tired and be disappointed in myself. Isn’t it sad not to expect anything anymore from someone? I want to feel that there are people who make me grow and who want to watch over me, I also want them to keep on looking forward to me.

Céci : What kind of modifiers do you want to put in front of L?
L : Singing, acting and photographing entertainer L.

trans. cr; saphira @ infinite updates | source cr;  ; take out with full credits

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[LYRICS] L’s self composed song from the Bravo Viewtiful Part 2 fansign


해질녘 빛나는 너의 그 두 눈 속에 날 담았던걸까
나를 설레게 한 너의 그 하얀 손이 또 내게 잡힐까
캄캄한 밤을 걸어온 내게 빛을 밝힌 너인데

내가 더 노력 해 볼게
내가 더 잘 해 볼게
니가 건넨 희망 절대로 놓지 않을게
함께 그렸던 하늘 같이 걸어갈 세상 내가 찾아올게
조금만 지켜 봐 줄래
it’s all for you

너로 시작했던 my dream 쭉 가다보면 니 손에 잡힐까
언제나 힘이 되어준 너인데
함께 해준 너인데

내가 더 노력 해 볼게
내가 더 잘 해 볼게
네게 건넨 희망 절대로 잊지 않을게
나를 믿어 준 마음 함께 만들던 시간 다시 찾아 올게
조금만 기다려 줄래

너 언제나 나를 비춰주었던 처음부터 나의 별이었던 거야
아낌 없이 주었던 또 같이 걸어 주었던 너의 맘 내가 보답할게

노력 해 볼게 내가 더 잘 해볼게
니가 건넨 희망 절대로 놓지 않을게
함게 그렸던 하늘 같이 걸어갈 세상 내가 찾아올게 조금만 지켜봐줄래
it’s all for you

니 곁에 서도록 니곁에 있도록 다시 시작하려해
서두르지 않을게 놓치지 않을게
조금씩 다가가도록


Have you put me into your two eyes that sparkle at sunset?
Will that white hand of yours that made my heart flutter catch me again?
You’re the one who made me shine as I was walking through the pitch-black night

I’ll make more efforts
I’ll try to do better
I won’t let go of the hope you gave me
I will find the sky we drew together, the world we’ll walk in together
Would you watch over me a bit more?
It’s all for you

My dream that started with you, will I reach your hand if I go until the end?
You’re the one who always gave me strength
You’re the one who has always been with me

I’ll make more efforts
I’ll try to do better
I won’t forget the hope you gave me
You who believed in me, I’ll go back to the moments we created together
Would you wait for me a little bit more?

You’ve always made me shine, ever since the beginning you were my star
I will repay you for giving me your heart unsparingly and for walking with me

I’ll make more efforts
I’ll try to do better
I won’t let go of the hope you gave me
I will find the sky we drew together, the world we’ll walk together in
Would you watch over me a bit more?
It’s all for you

I’m starting over in order to stand and be by your side
I won’t rush I won’t let go of you
I will make sure to approach you little by little

trans. cr; saphira @ infinite updates | source cr; ; take out with full credits

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130926 - Twitter - L

저는 그누구와도 어울리지 않아요~ 그렇죠 여러분??

No matter who it is, I don’t go well with anyone~ Right, everyone??

trans. cr; saphira @ infinite updates ; take out with full credits

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130926 - Twitter - L

저는 여러분과사진찍는게더좋아요~^^

I like taking pictures with all of you more~^^


I like more than anyone else!!

trans. cr; saphira @ infinite updates ; take out with full credits

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[NEWS] 130925 - “INFINITE’s L’s ‘L’s Bravo Viewtiful part2’, crowned a best seller at the same time as its publication on the 25th”


INFINITE’s L’s second photo essay ‘L’s Bravo Viewtiful part2’ has been crowned a best seller just as it got published on the 25th.

L’s second photo essay ‘L’s Bravo Viewtiful Part 2’ has been released today, on the 25th. It’s selling so fast it’s scary. ‘L’s Bravo Viewtiful Part 2’ has made it big, rising to the weekly best seller rankings along with Jo Jungrae’s novel ‘Long Distance Jungle’ series and other prominent books.

Ever since the launching of the preorder on the 4th, ‘L’s Bravo Viewtiful part 2’ has ranked first on every online library, and was crowned a bestseller in the Arts/Popular Culture category. It also ranked first as soon as it got officially published, showing its hot popularity.

It has also ranked first in the weekly ranking of the Japanese library HMV, making the essay a best seller both in Korea and Japan.

In the second photo essay, ‘L’s Bravo Viewtiful part 2’, L is creating a bond and communicating with his readers not as a singer but as Kim Myungsoo the ordinary young man in his early 20s through pictures that show the process of getting at ease and obtaining happiness.

In the book, L’s pictures aren’t about his life as a singer but his life as an ordinary young man instead. You can also see this young man searching himself and preciously enjoying everyday even though he can’t change anything about it. He’s also holding his hand out to his viewers who are the same age as me and are living in a frenetic way to share about how he feels about life and its preciousness.

It’s a fun book that can be read and put down easily but before reaching the last page, it’s a book that makes you look back not to the author Kim Myungsoo’s life but yours.

trans. cr; saphira @ infinite updates | source cr; Newspim ; take out with full credits

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130925 - Twitter - L

여러분들의 응원과 성원에 힘입어 L’s Bravo Viewtiful part02가 무사히 세상밖으로 나오게 되었습니다. ^^

사진은 물론, 커버디자인, 레이아웃, 손글씨 등 모든 부분에 참여해 열정과 땀을 쏟아부은 둘째 아이 입니다~ 첫째 아이보다 업그레이드 된, 제 둘째 아이 많이 예뻐해 주세요~^^

Thanks to everyone’s cheers and support, L’s Bravo Viewtiful part02 has come out to the world safely. ^^

The pictures are of course a must but I also engaged myself in every part such as the cover design, layout, handwriting etc… So here’s my second child on which I poured out all my passion and sweat in~ Please be nice to my second child who’s more upgraded than the first one~^^

trans. cr; saphira @ infiniteupdates ; take out with full credits

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130925 - Facebook - Jin Hyuk (Producer of Master’s Sun)

명수 보름 마지막 촬영!!! 고생하셨습니다^^ 싸인 CD 많이 받아봤지만 이렇게 긴 편지는 오랜만이네요.정말 열심히 하는 친구들이라 경험만 쌓이면 훌륭한 연기자가 될듯. 그 열정이 부럽네요 ㅋ

Last day of filming for Myungsoo and Boreum !!! You’ve workd hard^^ I’ve received a lot of signed CDs in the past but it’s been a while since I’ve last gotten such a long letter. They’re both little friends who work diligently and just with more experience, they will become excellent actors. I am jealous of their passion ㅋ

(T/N : I can’t read everything that’s written on the CD so I’m not translating it)

trans. cr; saphira @ infiniteupdates ; take out with full credits

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130925 - Twitter - Han Boreum (Cha Heejoo in Master’s Sun)

주중원, 주중투, 주중쓰리


Joo Joongwon (one), Joo Joongtwo, Joo Joongwthree

trans. cr; saphira @ infiniteupdates ; take out with full credits

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130911 - Twitter - L


I’m happy~^^

(T/N : The articles on the capture talk about how Bravo Viewtiful Part 2 is already doing well since it ranked first on the most pre ordered books category)

trans. cr; saphira @ infinite updates ; take out with full credits

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