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[NEWS] 131207 - “INFINITE, world tour concert in Dubai ‘Magnficient finale’”

Right after completing the last concert of the world tour in Dubai, INFINITE sent a message to thank their fans through a video that was made on the spot.

On the 6th, INFINITE held the magnificient finale of their first world tour ‘ONE GREAT STEP’ that lasted for 5 months. In this video message, they expressed their regretful and proud feelings to the fans all over the world who were with them during all that time and celebrated the end of their successful first world tour. This video has been released on INFINITE’s Official Youtube channel. L stated “Even if we just completed the last concert, it feels like we’ll have to hold another one somewhere else next week” while Hoya said “Now that I look back at it, all of these moments are precious moments I won’t ever be able to forget”, remembering all the emotions they felt while touring.

Moreover, Sungjong and Sungyeol said that they all improved and missed their Korean fans whereas Dongwoo and Woohyun said that they learned a lot and that they’re really thankful. In th eend, Sunggyu even mentionned the staff members who were with them and ended the world tour’s big run.

INFINITE’s world tour concert ‘ONE GREAT STEP’ that started last August lasted for 119 days, took place in 21 countries and 150,000 fans attended it.

The concert in the USA and Europe especially attract people’s attention because it was their first concert in these places. In the latter half of the tour, they held concerts in 4 cities in the USA and 2 in Europe, and thanks to the K-Pop fans’ explosive cheers, the world tour obtained results that went beyond expectation.

INFINITE who successfully completed their world tour is said to be about to return to Korea in order to start the preparation for their new album.

trans. cr; saphira @ infinite updates | source cr; Naver ; take out with full credits

[NEWS] 131204 - INFINITE “We might get depressed when the world tour ends”

INFINITE has revealed their winter pictorial.

INFINITE who is currently on their world tour ‘ONE GREAT STEP’ has recently visited Seoul to film their pictorial in the star style magazine “High Cut”.

Following a drowsy winter concept in this pictorial, INFINITE’s charms have been captured by the camera just like they are. INFINITE “We might get depressed when the world tour ends”

There’s even a rumor that says that when the members were yawning or closing their eyes for the camera, they actually weren’t able to fight how truly tired they are and ended up sleeping on set.

They also had an interview at the same time as the pictorial filming. Hoya who starred in ‘Reply 1997’ last year said “[Reply 1994] is much funnier than the first one.” and added “When [Reply 1997] was airing last year, a lot of my acquaintances kept asking me who Sung Siwon (played by Jung Eunji) was going to marry in the end and I was sorry I couldn’t tell them even if I knew. I think the current cast probably feels this way as well.”, remembering his own problems.

On the other hand, Sungyeol and Woohyun expressed their feelings on the final concert of their world tour that will take place on the 6th in Dubai “It’ll probably feel really empty when it ends. We’re worried we might get depressed if this feeling [of emptiness] is too severe” While Sunggyu replied “Whenever we complete a concert we feel like we’ve lost the path of our lives but when the [world] tour ends, we’ll open a clinic among the members, seek a room and we’ve also planned to go on vacation”

In the end, the INFINITE members hinted “We’re planning to release a new album in the first half of 2014 and starting with the year-end award ceremony performances, we’re thinking of steadily promoting domestically in the first half of next year”.

trans. cr; saphira @ infinite updates | source cr; OBS News ; take out with full credits

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131125 - Google + - INFINITE OFFICIAL

미국 공연을 성공리에 마친 인피니트.
이제는 유럽으로 갑니다~! 유럽에서 만나요~ 인스피릿 ♥_♥

*영국, London, UK
Eventim Apollo, PM 7

*프랑스, Paris, France
L’Olympia, PM 8

*두바이, Dubai 
Dubai World Trade Centre
- Sheikh Rashid Hall, PM 8

INFINITE who has successfully completed their American concerts.

They’re now going to Europe~! See you in Europe~ INSPIRITs ♥_♥

trans. cr; saphira @ infinite updates ; take out with full credits

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[NEWS] 131109 - “INFINITE on their ‘World Tour’, their popularity is also at its peak in America and Europe”

INFINITE who started their world tour ‘ONE GREAT STEP’ last summer in Seoul has successfully completed its Asian leg and has now landed in the USA right before their first concert in LA.
A representative of INFINITE’s world tour has revealed ‘They will be holding their concert in Los Angeles on November 9th at 8PM in the NOKIA Theatre LA Live’. He then added “The preparation for the concert is pretty much completed.

Following LA, INFINITE is set to perform in San Jose’s Event Center at San Jose State University on the 11th, Washington DC’s The Filmore Silve Spring on the 13th and in the Hammerstein Ballroom Manhattan Center Studio in New York on the 16th. All their fans are looking forward to the American leg of their world tour.
Moreover, INFINITE will be holding two concerts in Europe, one in London on November 27th and the other on December 1st in Paris.
After their American and European concerts, INFINITE will complete its long run world tour with a final date in Dubai.

trans. cr; saphira @ infinite updates | source cr; News1 ; take out with full credits

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[STARCAST] 130817 - “INFINITE’s tour note - (1) Sunggyu’s Seoul concerts review”


Hello! This is INFINITE’s leader Sunggyu.

It has already been one week ever since INFINITE’s first world tour has started ^^ We’re having a concert in Hong Kong tomorrow.

From now on each member is going to release his own INFINITE tour note one after the other through Naver’s Entertainment Star Cast.

I, Sunggyu, am starting the relay with the Seoul concerts.

Since it was our first concert in a while, I’m still nervous as I write my review ^^

Even though it’s short, I’ll do my best to show you the beginning of One Great Step freshly.


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[STARCAST] 130809 - “‘The rehearsal is done just like a real concert’ … INFINITE, preview of their world tour”


Finally, the first day of the awaited world tour has come.
'INFINITE' is revealing their 'One Great Step' concert in the Seoul Olympic Stadium for two days on August 9th and 10th. After this concert as a start, they're planning to tour all over the world and hold concerts in Japan, China, North & South America, Europe etc. The rehearsals were also performed like an actual concert.
World tour. In the 4th year after their debut, it’s the first challenge for INFINITE. Right before this big run, they’re excited, nervous and of course pressured. That’s how they probably feel, right? Even until D-1 before the Seoul concert, INFINITE spilled beads of sweat. They went through their rehearsal as if it was the actual concert.
How is INFINITE’s world tour going to be. We are now going to reveal all the scenes of the seven members’ world tour rehearsal in Naver’s Star Cast.

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