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[NEWS] 130806 - “INFINITE’s L, cast as the young version of So Jisub… ‘Little So Ganji is here!”

(T/N : So Ganji is So Jisub’s nickname, ‘ganji’ means coolness/awesomeness)

Group INFINITE’s L has been cast to play the child version of So Jisub in ‘The Master’s Sun’.

L (21), member of the group INFINITE (Kim Sunggyu, Jang Dongwoo, Nam Woohyun, Hoya, Lee Sungyeol, L, Lee Sungjong), has been cast in SBS’ new Wed-Thu drama ‘The Master’s Sun’ as the young version of So Jisub.

In the picture that has been revealed, L plays the young version of Joo Joongwon (played by So Jisub) and has been kidnapped by mysterious people. He is tightly tied to a chair in a dark warehouse and you can see his sharp expression.

L revealed his affection for his charcter by saying: “When I first took a look at Joo Joongwoon through the script, I thought he was really similar to me when I was in high school. He doesn’t know how to express his own feelings, so he can be seen as cold, which reminds me of myself.”

He then stated “I was really nervous before the first filming. However So Jisub sunbae sent me a message of support during the production presentation of “The Master’s Sun” and it gave me strength. Thanks to this I was able to wrap it up safely.”

The netizens who found out about L’s transformation into the young version of So Jisub showed different reactions by saying : “I like L a lot, I absolutely have to watch “The Master’s Sun”, “His acting is going to be good”, “I am looking forward to L being the young version of So Jisub”

Meanwhile, SBS’ new Wed-Thu drama “The master’s Sun” (Directed by Son Junghyun, Written by Hong Jungeun and Hong Miran) will consist of 16 episodes and will air for the first time on the 7th.

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