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[NEWS] 130819 - “INFINITE, joining SM concert? “Probability going ↑, Tasty will be present in October”“

On August 9th, the entertainment agency and contents production company SM C&C revealed their merger and acquisition of Woollim Entertainment. The band Nell and the idol groups INFINITE and Tasty that were affiliated to Woollim Entertainment have now switched to SM C&C but through a brand extension that would keep their independent color, ‘Woollim Label’. So, what is the probability of INFINITE performing during the SM concert? The answer is ‘open’

On the 19th in the afternoon, medias have claimed ‘INFINITE is joining the SM Town concert world tour’. Later on, an SM C&C representative has denied this, saying “INFINITE’s participation [to the SM Town world tour] is impossible as of now because of their world tour and schedules overseas”

However, the representative then added “Tasty will take part in the October SM Town concert in Beijing”, revealing the attendance of other artists from Woollim Label. The band Nell won’t take part in this but the attendance of Tasty, another artist from Woollim Label, is confirmed. It means that even if their roots are different, now that they’re under the same company, they’re affiliated with ‘SM Town’, which is SM Entertainment’s concert brand.

Like this, talking about INFINITE’s participation in the SM concert has become complicated. Nothing about INFINITE’s schedule after their world tour is confirmed. Time will be needed to know whether we’ll be able to see INFINITE, Tasty, TVXQ, SNSD and the other SM artists all together on one stage.

trans. cr; saphira @ infinite updates | source cr; Nate ; take out with full credits

[NEWS] 130809 - “INFINITE’s company is merging with SM, “Woollim Label will keep their independent musical color”


INFINITE’s company is merging with SM Entertainment.

The SM Entertainment group has revealed on the 9th that they merged with INFINITE’s company, Woollim Entertainment.

The SM Entertainment group stated : “Global music companies like Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, Sony Music Group etc secure various artists and manage couple of other labels so, in order to take a leap and become the representative music group in Asia, we’re pushing ahead in earnest with the label business.”

As a start, SM Entertainment’s subsidiary SM C&C has merged with the company INFINITE, NELL and Tasty are attached to, Woollim Entertainment, and is going to manage ‘Woollim Label’. SM Entertainment will be in charge of the music distribution globally as well as additional business.

An SM Entertainment representative explained “From now on, Woollim Label will take their independent musical color and produce different musicians and artists” and added “If the Woollim Label artists’ level of awareness and competitiveness is grafted onto our company’s buisness ability, we expect the SM group’s sales and profits to grow considerably.”

The netizens who heard the news about INFINITE’s company merging with SM reacted by saying “INFINITE’s company is merging with SM, this is so sudden I got totally surprised” “INFINITE’s company is merging with SM, I hope they’ll keep their musical color” “INFINITE’s company is merging with SM, will merging really be a good thing?”, showing their different responses.

trans. cr; saphira @ infinite updates | source cr; Digital Times ; take out with full credits

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