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[NEWS] 140124 - “SHINee’s Key, INFINITE’s Nam Woohyun, unit rumors “It’s not confirmed”

Idol groups SHINee’s Key and INFINITE’s Nam Woohyun’s company representatives have stated “Right now, we’re discussing their unir promotions. But there’s no precise promotion and their schedule isn’t confirmed either”.

SHINee’s Key is under SM Entertainment whereas INFINITE’s Nam Woohyun is under Woollim Entertainment who recently became an independent label under a subsidiary company of SM Entertainment, SM C&C.

The netizens who’ve heard about the news about SHINee’s Key and INFINITE’s Nam Woohyun reacted by saying : ‘I hope SHINee’s Key and INFINITE’s Nam Woohyun unit will come true’, ‘Would Key and Nam Woohyun really promote as a unit’ ‘SHINee’s Key and INFINITE’s Nam Woohyun are an amazing combination’, ‘SHINee’s Key and INFINITE’s Nam Woohyun are cool’, ‘How would a unit with SHINee’s Key and INFINITE’s Nam Woohyun turn out?’ ‘I hope their unit will be confirmed soon’.

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[NEWS] 140120 - “INFINITE’s L is joining ‘Cunning Single Lady’, cast as Joo Sangwook’s personal secretary”


INFINITE’s L is joining the cast of ‘Cunning Single Lady’.

Today (the 20th), his company revealed : “L is confirmed to be a part of the cast of MBC’s new Wed/Thu drama <Cunning Single Lady>” and added that “He has already participated in the script reading”.

'Cunning Single Lady', starring Lee Minjung and Joo Sangwook is about an ex-husband and his ex-wife meeting again and it'll make the viewers' eyes open on serious love, serious actors and serious marriage.

L wil play the role of Cha Jungwoo’s (played by Joo Sangwook) secretary. Starting from being a part-time employee in a PC cafe, he will become the loyal personal secretary of the CEO of one of the country’s leading business, Cha Jungwoo, whom he will help when he get through tough times and have heart-to-heart talks with.

After acting in SBS’ <The Master’s Sun> last year as the young version of So Jisub, L received praises from the viewers.

Meanwhile, following <Miss Korea> on MBC, <Cunning Single Lady> will first broadcast in February.

trans. cr; saphira @ infinite updates | source cr; Union Press ; take out with full credits

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[NEWS] 131207 - “INFINITE, world tour concert in Dubai ‘Magnficient finale’”

Right after completing the last concert of the world tour in Dubai, INFINITE sent a message to thank their fans through a video that was made on the spot.

On the 6th, INFINITE held the magnificient finale of their first world tour ‘ONE GREAT STEP’ that lasted for 5 months. In this video message, they expressed their regretful and proud feelings to the fans all over the world who were with them during all that time and celebrated the end of their successful first world tour. This video has been released on INFINITE’s Official Youtube channel. L stated “Even if we just completed the last concert, it feels like we’ll have to hold another one somewhere else next week” while Hoya said “Now that I look back at it, all of these moments are precious moments I won’t ever be able to forget”, remembering all the emotions they felt while touring.

Moreover, Sungjong and Sungyeol said that they all improved and missed their Korean fans whereas Dongwoo and Woohyun said that they learned a lot and that they’re really thankful. In th eend, Sunggyu even mentionned the staff members who were with them and ended the world tour’s big run.

INFINITE’s world tour concert ‘ONE GREAT STEP’ that started last August lasted for 119 days, took place in 21 countries and 150,000 fans attended it.

The concert in the USA and Europe especially attract people’s attention because it was their first concert in these places. In the latter half of the tour, they held concerts in 4 cities in the USA and 2 in Europe, and thanks to the K-Pop fans’ explosive cheers, the world tour obtained results that went beyond expectation.

INFINITE who successfully completed their world tour is said to be about to return to Korea in order to start the preparation for their new album.

trans. cr; saphira @ infinite updates | source cr; Naver ; take out with full credits

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[NEWS] 131204 - INFINITE “We might get depressed when the world tour ends”

INFINITE has revealed their winter pictorial.

INFINITE who is currently on their world tour ‘ONE GREAT STEP’ has recently visited Seoul to film their pictorial in the star style magazine “High Cut”.

Following a drowsy winter concept in this pictorial, INFINITE’s charms have been captured by the camera just like they are. INFINITE “We might get depressed when the world tour ends”

There’s even a rumor that says that when the members were yawning or closing their eyes for the camera, they actually weren’t able to fight how truly tired they are and ended up sleeping on set.

They also had an interview at the same time as the pictorial filming. Hoya who starred in ‘Reply 1997’ last year said “[Reply 1994] is much funnier than the first one.” and added “When [Reply 1997] was airing last year, a lot of my acquaintances kept asking me who Sung Siwon (played by Jung Eunji) was going to marry in the end and I was sorry I couldn’t tell them even if I knew. I think the current cast probably feels this way as well.”, remembering his own problems.

On the other hand, Sungyeol and Woohyun expressed their feelings on the final concert of their world tour that will take place on the 6th in Dubai “It’ll probably feel really empty when it ends. We’re worried we might get depressed if this feeling [of emptiness] is too severe” While Sunggyu replied “Whenever we complete a concert we feel like we’ve lost the path of our lives but when the [world] tour ends, we’ll open a clinic among the members, seek a room and we’ve also planned to go on vacation”

In the end, the INFINITE members hinted “We’re planning to release a new album in the first half of 2014 and starting with the year-end award ceremony performances, we’re thinking of steadily promoting domestically in the first half of next year”.

trans. cr; saphira @ infinite updates | source cr; OBS News ; take out with full credits

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[NEWS] 131109 - “INFINITE on their ‘World Tour’, their popularity is also at its peak in America and Europe”

INFINITE who started their world tour ‘ONE GREAT STEP’ last summer in Seoul has successfully completed its Asian leg and has now landed in the USA right before their first concert in LA.
A representative of INFINITE’s world tour has revealed ‘They will be holding their concert in Los Angeles on November 9th at 8PM in the NOKIA Theatre LA Live’. He then added “The preparation for the concert is pretty much completed.

Following LA, INFINITE is set to perform in San Jose’s Event Center at San Jose State University on the 11th, Washington DC’s The Filmore Silve Spring on the 13th and in the Hammerstein Ballroom Manhattan Center Studio in New York on the 16th. All their fans are looking forward to the American leg of their world tour.
Moreover, INFINITE will be holding two concerts in Europe, one in London on November 27th and the other on December 1st in Paris.
After their American and European concerts, INFINITE will complete its long run world tour with a final date in Dubai.

trans. cr; saphira @ infinite updates | source cr; News1 ; take out with full credits

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[NEWS] 131021 - “INFINITE’s Kim Sunggyu to appear in Kanto’s music video ‘Showing support’”

Kim Sunggyu is supporting rookie rapper Kanto’s debut single “Just Say It (What U Want)”

On the 21st, Kanto’s company Brand New Music has revealed a proof shot showing Kanto and INFINITE’s Kim Sunggyu at the music video filming location through their official Twitter account.

On the picture, Kim Sunggyu and Kanto are both wearing neat black suits, making their different hair colors, brown and blonde, stick out.

Added to this, Brand New Music’s side has stated “Thankfully, because Sunggyu has gifted his charming voice full of personnality to Kanto’s debut single “Just Say It”, the song got completed even more perfectly. Through this song, you will be able to feel another charm to Sunggyu’s vocals that you can’t hear when he’s with INFINITE.”

Besides, they added “We want to thank Sunggyu again for featuring in the song, filming the music video for 8 hours and doing his best just like it was his own album even if he’s franticly busy because of his world tour”.

Meanwhile, Kanto’s much anticipated debut single “Just Say It” in which Ladies’ Code Kwon Rise and INFINITE’s Kim Sunggyu have participated is set to be released on the 25th on online music sites.

trans. cr; saphira @ infinite updates | source cr; Star News ; take out with full credits

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[NEWS] 130925 - “INFINITE’s L’s ‘L’s Bravo Viewtiful part2’, crowned a best seller at the same time as its publication on the 25th”


INFINITE’s L’s second photo essay ‘L’s Bravo Viewtiful part2’ has been crowned a best seller just as it got published on the 25th.

L’s second photo essay ‘L’s Bravo Viewtiful Part 2’ has been released today, on the 25th. It’s selling so fast it’s scary. ‘L’s Bravo Viewtiful Part 2’ has made it big, rising to the weekly best seller rankings along with Jo Jungrae’s novel ‘Long Distance Jungle’ series and other prominent books.

Ever since the launching of the preorder on the 4th, ‘L’s Bravo Viewtiful part 2’ has ranked first on every online library, and was crowned a bestseller in the Arts/Popular Culture category. It also ranked first as soon as it got officially published, showing its hot popularity.

It has also ranked first in the weekly ranking of the Japanese library HMV, making the essay a best seller both in Korea and Japan.

In the second photo essay, ‘L’s Bravo Viewtiful part 2’, L is creating a bond and communicating with his readers not as a singer but as Kim Myungsoo the ordinary young man in his early 20s through pictures that show the process of getting at ease and obtaining happiness.

In the book, L’s pictures aren’t about his life as a singer but his life as an ordinary young man instead. You can also see this young man searching himself and preciously enjoying everyday even though he can’t change anything about it. He’s also holding his hand out to his viewers who are the same age as me and are living in a frenetic way to share about how he feels about life and its preciousness.

It’s a fun book that can be read and put down easily but before reaching the last page, it’s a book that makes you look back not to the author Kim Myungsoo’s life but yours.

trans. cr; saphira @ infinite updates | source cr; Newspim ; take out with full credits

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[NEWS] 130925 - “INFINITE, joining hands with Sweetune for the release of their branded single ‘Request’”


The unexpected release of the teaser for INFINITE’s digital single ‘Request’ is causing a stir.

At 12AM on September 24th, INFINITE released the video teaser of their ‘2013 Galaxy Music Project’ single entitled ‘Request’ on both their official homepage and YouTube channel. A lot of fans couldn’t hide their excitement after INFINITE, who currently are busy with their world tour, released their surprise.

Produced by the producing team Sweetune, ‘Request’ is a branded single about Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy Note 3, and it’s a group work between Samsung Electronics’ mobile communication division and Woollim Entertainment.

Since INFINITE respectively showed a bright and dark image with ‘Man in Love’ and ‘Destiny’, the kind of charms they’ll show through ‘Request’ is already garnering lots of interest.

INFINITE’s digital single ‘Request’ will be pre-released on the 26th on Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy Music Project website ‘’ and then on online music sites on the 27th.

Meanwhile, INFINITE will be continuing their world tour ‘One great step’ with a concert in Bangkok on the 28th.

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[NEWS] 130906 - “‘The Sea I Wanted / Hoped For’ Sunggyu “It was a huge challenge with INFINITE’s killer schedule”

INFINITE’s Sunggyu, taking an active part in a variety program even in the midst of promotions with his team.

Sunggyu has expressed his thoughts during the press conference for the pilot of KBS 2TV’s new variety program ‘The Sea I Wanted/Wished For’  in KBS’ Yeouido hall on the 6th at 4PM.

On this day, Sunggyu revealed “I felt lots of different things while filming” and then added “While filming with the hyungnims, I learned a lot about running away from home and marital life and while we were looking at the sea, I could think of Mother Nature, the universe, the world and life”, he then finished by saying “I think I learned a lot so it was nice, I’m really thankful”

Later on, Sunggyu stated “[Filming] was a huge challenge because of my busy schedule. I did ‘The Sea I Wanted/Wished For’ at the same time as the world tour. I go overseas frequently but [thanks to the show] I got to feel how there are lots of amazing places in our country again.

In the end, Sunggyu said “I’m worried I’ll have to arrange my relationship with the hyungnims if the show doesn’t become a regular. I think I’ll be really thankful if the program ends up being loved by a lot of people”, showing his greed.

Meanwhile the legitimate(?) group project ‘The Sea I Wanted/Wished For’ will be the first domestic variety program with the sea as a background and will consist of the fresh stories of Shin Hyunjun, Nam Heeseok, Lee Hoon, Jung Hyungdon, Jung Gyeo-un and INFINITE’s Sunggyu in a yacht on the sea.

It’s set to air on September 11th at 11:10PM, September 18th at 9:50PM and September 25th at 11:20PM for a total of three episodes.

trans. cr; saphira @ infinite updates | source cr; Newsen ; take out with full credits

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[NEWS] 130902 - “INFINITE’s L is about to release his second essay.. carrying on the sale records”

Male idol group INFINITE’s L has released a video teaser for his second upcoming photo essay.

On September 2nd, at midnight, [L’s] company Woollim Entertainment released a video teaser on Bravo Viewtiful as well as INFINITE’s official websites to let [the fans] know of the release of L’s second photo essay “L’s Bravo Viewtiful Part 2”.

L’s first photo essay ” L’s Bravo Viewtiful Part 1” that got released in May both in Korea and Japan received much love as it was ranked first in the bookstore preorders ranking, second in the best seller one and the first edition was sold out, breaking records.

In the video teaser announcing the release of the second photo essay, L can be seen taking pictures, smiling and communcating with lots of people. Rather than the magnificient singer L who can be seen on stage, you can see Kim Myungsoo, the ordinary young man in his early 20s who’s sweet and playful.

A representative from Woollim Entertainment stated “In the first photo essay, through his pictures, you could see L as a young man in his 20s searching for himself instead of a singer whereas in the second one, you will be able to see him communicate and have fun with a lot of people”, raising the anticipation for the upcoming release.

Meanhile, L is in the midst of the preparations for INFINITE’s first world tour “One Great Step”. Besides he also appears as the young version of So Jisub in the SBS Wed-Thu drama ‘The Master’s Sun’ which shows he’s active in various fields.

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[NEWS] 130819 - “INFINITE, joining SM concert? “Probability going ↑, Tasty will be present in October”“

On August 9th, the entertainment agency and contents production company SM C&C revealed their merger and acquisition of Woollim Entertainment. The band Nell and the idol groups INFINITE and Tasty that were affiliated to Woollim Entertainment have now switched to SM C&C but through a brand extension that would keep their independent color, ‘Woollim Label’. So, what is the probability of INFINITE performing during the SM concert? The answer is ‘open’

On the 19th in the afternoon, medias have claimed ‘INFINITE is joining the SM Town concert world tour’. Later on, an SM C&C representative has denied this, saying “INFINITE’s participation [to the SM Town world tour] is impossible as of now because of their world tour and schedules overseas”

However, the representative then added “Tasty will take part in the October SM Town concert in Beijing”, revealing the attendance of other artists from Woollim Label. The band Nell won’t take part in this but the attendance of Tasty, another artist from Woollim Label, is confirmed. It means that even if their roots are different, now that they’re under the same company, they’re affiliated with ‘SM Town’, which is SM Entertainment’s concert brand.

Like this, talking about INFINITE’s participation in the SM concert has become complicated. Nothing about INFINITE’s schedule after their world tour is confirmed. Time will be needed to know whether we’ll be able to see INFINITE, Tasty, TVXQ, SNSD and the other SM artists all together on one stage.

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[NEWS] 130809 - “INFINITE’s company is merging with SM, “Woollim Label will keep their independent musical color”


INFINITE’s company is merging with SM Entertainment.

The SM Entertainment group has revealed on the 9th that they merged with INFINITE’s company, Woollim Entertainment.

The SM Entertainment group stated : “Global music companies like Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, Sony Music Group etc secure various artists and manage couple of other labels so, in order to take a leap and become the representative music group in Asia, we’re pushing ahead in earnest with the label business.”

As a start, SM Entertainment’s subsidiary SM C&C has merged with the company INFINITE, NELL and Tasty are attached to, Woollim Entertainment, and is going to manage ‘Woollim Label’. SM Entertainment will be in charge of the music distribution globally as well as additional business.

An SM Entertainment representative explained “From now on, Woollim Label will take their independent musical color and produce different musicians and artists” and added “If the Woollim Label artists’ level of awareness and competitiveness is grafted onto our company’s buisness ability, we expect the SM group’s sales and profits to grow considerably.”

The netizens who heard the news about INFINITE’s company merging with SM reacted by saying “INFINITE’s company is merging with SM, this is so sudden I got totally surprised” “INFINITE’s company is merging with SM, I hope they’ll keep their musical color” “INFINITE’s company is merging with SM, will merging really be a good thing?”, showing their different responses.

trans. cr; saphira @ infinite updates | source cr; Digital Times ; take out with full credits

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[NEWS] 130806 - “INFINITE’s L, cast as the young version of So Jisub… ‘Little So Ganji is here!”

(T/N : So Ganji is So Jisub’s nickname, ‘ganji’ means coolness/awesomeness)

Group INFINITE’s L has been cast to play the child version of So Jisub in ‘The Master’s Sun’.

L (21), member of the group INFINITE (Kim Sunggyu, Jang Dongwoo, Nam Woohyun, Hoya, Lee Sungyeol, L, Lee Sungjong), has been cast in SBS’ new Wed-Thu drama ‘The Master’s Sun’ as the young version of So Jisub.

In the picture that has been revealed, L plays the young version of Joo Joongwon (played by So Jisub) and has been kidnapped by mysterious people. He is tightly tied to a chair in a dark warehouse and you can see his sharp expression.

L revealed his affection for his charcter by saying: “When I first took a look at Joo Joongwoon through the script, I thought he was really similar to me when I was in high school. He doesn’t know how to express his own feelings, so he can be seen as cold, which reminds me of myself.”

He then stated “I was really nervous before the first filming. However So Jisub sunbae sent me a message of support during the production presentation of “The Master’s Sun” and it gave me strength. Thanks to this I was able to wrap it up safely.”

The netizens who found out about L’s transformation into the young version of So Jisub showed different reactions by saying : “I like L a lot, I absolutely have to watch “The Master’s Sun”, “His acting is going to be good”, “I am looking forward to L being the young version of So Jisub”

Meanwhile, SBS’ new Wed-Thu drama “The master’s Sun” (Directed by Son Junghyun, Written by Hong Jungeun and Hong Miran) will consist of 16 episodes and will air for the first time on the 7th.

trans. cr; saphira @ infinite updates | source cr; Star News ; take out with full credits

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[NEWS] 130805 - “INFINITE H, supporting their immediate juniors Tasty… ‘MAMAMA’ comeback on the 8th”

INFINITE’s unite group INFINITE H is supporting the comeback of their immediate juniors Tasty.

On the 5th, the music video teaser of Tasty’s title track ‘MAMAMA’ has been revealed on their official homepage. [In the teaser] Tasty, who’s coming back on the 8th, has shown magnificient visuals and performance and garnered interest with the lyrics of their song ‘Don’t look at another guy’.

The presence of the INFINITE H members Dongwoo and Hoya especially raised the anticipation.

Their company explainedd : “Their new song ‘MAMAMA’ is of the swing hip hop genre, which has yet to be shown in Korea. It’s a track that shows Tasty’s color and strengths”.

Tasty will release their title track ‘MAMAMA’ as well as their second single on the 8th and then begin their promotion.

trans. cr; saphira @ infinite updates | source cr; TV Report; take out with full credits

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[NEWS] 130702 - “Teaser of INFINITE’s blockbuster MV, they’re joining the July war”

INFINITE has released the video teaser for their blockbuster scale music video and their comeback date.

On July 2nd, INFINITE revealed the video teaser of their new song ‘Destiny’ on their official homepage ( and K-POP Woollim’s official homepage ( as well as their comeback date, July 16th. 

The filming for INFINITE’s ‘Destiny’ music video took place in May when the members all left for the US for 10 days and 9 nights. It has especially been said that it was the first time a domestic production team was allowed to film in the Universal Studios, where movies like Transformers and Spider Man have been filmed, raising the anticipation for the birth of a blockbuster-scale music video.

With the Universal Studios’ large scale and the members’ splendid visuals, watching the teaser video that got revealed on July 2nd felt like watching a movie’s trailer. Besides, at the end of the video the short ‘You’re my destiny’ melody left a strong impact, raising the expecation for [INFINITE’s] new song.

Meanwhile, INFINITE who is scheduled to come back on July 16th will start their new album’s promotion and will also meet their fans all over the world through their first world tour ‘One Great Step’ that will start in Seoul in August.

trans. cr; saphira @ infinite updates | source cr; Newsen; take out with full credits

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