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[STARCAST - This is INFINITE #5] 140307 - “Becoming the nation’s idol, ‘Getting myself known~’”

Hello, I am INFINITE’s hot man Woohyun~!
Inspirits and Starcast readers, nice to meet you ! Have you spent a nice week?

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[STARCAST - This is INFINITE #4] 140228 - “1:6 Beat Hoya!”


Hello~ Inspirits, also Starcast readers and viewers who are enjoying This is INFINITE~! I am ‘athletics king Hoya’~


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[STARCAST - This is INFINITE #3] 140221 - “Dongwoo’s ‘Title Cram School’”

Hello Inspirits! And Starcast readers~ I’m INFINITE’s Dongwoo. ^^ This week again on Naver Starcast I have come to release This is INFINITE’s behind story!! 

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[STARCAST - This is INFINITE #2] 140214 - “Hair dye Devil Sungjong is catching the ladies’ hearts !”


Hello this is INFINITE’s maknae Sungjong~!

Now my red zombie… no, no ! You must only see my red hair now, right? However it’s absolutely ! not ! a ! wig !


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[STARCAST - This is INFINITE #1] 140207 Members’ Diss Battle?


INFINITE’s leader? No~ Reborn as the leader of ‘diss’, it’s Sunggyu!
After the end of the long world tour, we, INFINITE, have finally come back to the small screen!
Clap clap clap! Self welcome!!
'This is INFINITE' where you can see 100% of INFINITE's real image!
Yesterday night, INFINITE members’ real and intense diss scene was released, did everyone enjoy watching it? The behind story that you can’t see on broadcast will be released every Friday through Naver Starcast.

Then from now on, the first now on is going out. First let’s watch the highlight video~

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[STARCAST] 140121 - “INFINITE in a hairshop… “When a man gets his hair done”


"Guys. Are you ready?"
"OK. We’re ready to go!"
As expected, INFINITE’s ‘Destiny’ is Korea. You wondered if they would hold performances domestically? They’re ready to run to the Olympic Hall right away. The seven members bragged about their endless desire [to perform]. They expressed their happiness with freshmen poses full of their own personalities.

INFINITE is back. For the first time in six months after completing their world tour ‘One Great Step’ that started last year in August. Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, England, France etc, they visited 15 different countries and are now back to Korea. They got to meet their domestic fans at the ‘2014 Asia Model Awards’.

On the 17th, ‘Starcast’ paid a visit to an hairshop in Apgujeong. A few hours before the award ceremony, we could meet INFINITE while they were getting ready. Their various images were memorable. We members show their ‘Inspirit love’ and show off their control(?) skills while throwing hearts toward the camera.

Endless charms INFINITE. Did you miss them? From now on we’ll freshly deliver them to you.

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[STARCAST] 131227 - “Good bye 2013, infinite reveal of INFINITE unreleased pictures !”


Hello this is INFINITE’s Woohyun !
Naver Starcast readers, how have you been? It feels like it has only been a couple of days since we promoted ‘Man In Love’ but there are only a few days left in 2013.

So ! I’ll take some time to look back at our activities in 2013 as well as the end of our world tour. And I will also reveal undisclosed INFINITE pictures that we took during the year and that I was the only one to know about. ^^ ! And at the end there’s also a surprise !! You should look forward to it~

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[STARCAST] 131125 - “INFINITE Tour Note(5) Photo travel note - USA, until where have we been?”

Hello Inspirits ! It’s INFINITE’s Hoya ^^
It has really been a long time since I’ve last greeted you ! It’s cold so me worrying about whether you caught a cold comes first. You guys are all healthy and enjoying yourselves right?!

Then, I’ll tell you about the recent news regarding INFINITE.

We completed the American leg of our world tour last week and we’re now back to Korea before heading to Europe. Aside from the four concerts we did in LA, San Jose, Washington D.C and New York, we also had interviews and a showcase so we were busy when we were there.

However, I made great memories during our USA trip with the members and I think it’s too bad if we’re the only ones to know about it~ So I’m going to share our nice memories not only with the Inspirits but also a lot of people as well.

So, our American Photo travel note ! I’ll show you around starting from now !

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[STARCAST] 130920 - “Hanbok-dols on Chuseok”… INFINITE in the venue of their Japanese tour

"Not more, not less, just like INFINITE~"

This is the big national holiday, Chuseok. Every family is enjoying the full moon. Of course, this kind of freedom isn’t allowed for busy idols. So, does that mean they only work franticly? Here, INFINITE has suggested an “answer” to celebrate Chuseok.

It was on the 19th in the Yokohama arena in Japan. INFINITE’s first world tour “One Great Step” has started. The very day of Chuseok is the 15th day of the 8th month of the Lunar calendar. The seven members showed that even though their bodies were in Japan, their hearts were towards their hometown.

Because of this, INFINITE had a “hanbok” performance. They wore hanboks and went up on stage. ▶ They spread the word about Korea’s national holiday, ▶ They spread the word about Korea’s traditional clothes, and ▶They spread the word about how they are idols of Korea.

Let’s go see the hanbok performance that was full of notion. GO~ GO~

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[STARCAST] 131018 - INFINITE’s tour note (4) Expedition journal of the dorm in Taiwan

Hello~ All the Inspirits waiting for our world tour ! This is INFINITE’s maknae Sungjong ^^

Right now we’re in Taiwan! And we, INFINITE, are right before our world tour’s Taiwan concert

What are the INFINITE hyungs, who are peaceful for a short amount of the time like the calm before the storm, doing in the dorm the night before the concert in Taiwan? Before introducing you to the Taiwan concert, I’m going to show you a bit of the hyungs in the dorm~

I got to catch [a glimpse of] Hoya hyung who sleeps in the same room as me!

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[STARCAST] 130910 - INFINITE’s tour note (3) Jakarta landing operation

# 2013.8.31 We’re going to Jakarta

After successfully ending our concert in Hong Kong, we even got a short rest! Jakarta’s concert is going to be the day after tomorrow!

This is how INFINITE members look like while waiting at Incheon’s airport before leaving the country to go to Jakarta~
Here~ INFINITE members~ Transformed back into young men! Euhahahaha

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[STARCAST] 130910 - INFINITE’s tour note (2) We’re in Hong Kong !


Hello. This is INFINITE’s second oldest member ! Dongwoo ! The place I’m at right now is Hong Kong !
And this is the burning hot waiting room of our ‘One Great Step’ concert !

Following Sunggyu hyung, I am going to present you our Hong Kong and Jakarta concerts^^
I am nervous since I am going to explain you everything personally~~ Nervous nervous~

Concerts are fun but as I was thinking of the most interesting thing to show you I found what everyone is curious about ! That’s how I decided to reveal our images behind the scenes !!

You’re really looking forward to it, aren’t you? Follow me~ Come in come in~~!

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[STARCAST] 130817 - “INFINITE’s tour note - (1) Sunggyu’s Seoul concerts review”


Hello! This is INFINITE’s leader Sunggyu.

It has already been one week ever since INFINITE’s first world tour has started ^^ We’re having a concert in Hong Kong tomorrow.

From now on each member is going to release his own INFINITE tour note one after the other through Naver’s Entertainment Star Cast.

I, Sunggyu, am starting the relay with the Seoul concerts.

Since it was our first concert in a while, I’m still nervous as I write my review ^^

Even though it’s short, I’ll do my best to show you the beginning of One Great Step freshly.


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[STARCAST] 130809 - “‘The rehearsal is done just like a real concert’ … INFINITE, preview of their world tour”


Finally, the first day of the awaited world tour has come.
'INFINITE' is revealing their 'One Great Step' concert in the Seoul Olympic Stadium for two days on August 9th and 10th. After this concert as a start, they're planning to tour all over the world and hold concerts in Japan, China, North & South America, Europe etc. The rehearsals were also performed like an actual concert.
World tour. In the 4th year after their debut, it’s the first challenge for INFINITE. Right before this big run, they’re excited, nervous and of course pressured. That’s how they probably feel, right? Even until D-1 before the Seoul concert, INFINITE spilled beads of sweat. They went through their rehearsal as if it was the actual concert.
How is INFINITE’s world tour going to be. We are now going to reveal all the scenes of the seven members’ world tour rehearsal in Naver’s Star Cast.

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