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[STARCAST] 130809 - “‘The rehearsal is done just like a real concert’ … INFINITE, preview of their world tour”


Finally, the first day of the awaited world tour has come.
'INFINITE' is revealing their 'One Great Step' concert in the Seoul Olympic Stadium for two days on August 9th and 10th. After this concert as a start, they're planning to tour all over the world and hold concerts in Japan, China, North & South America, Europe etc. The rehearsals were also performed like an actual concert.
World tour. In the 4th year after their debut, it’s the first challenge for INFINITE. Right before this big run, they’re excited, nervous and of course pressured. That’s how they probably feel, right? Even until D-1 before the Seoul concert, INFINITE spilled beads of sweat. They went through their rehearsal as if it was the actual concert.
How is INFINITE’s world tour going to be. We are now going to reveal all the scenes of the seven members’ world tour rehearsal in Naver’s Star Cast.

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